·      7pm - 8:30pm: Early Bird BONUS! VIP Cocktail Hour with Megan

(Music City Bar & Grill, Nashville)

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SATURDAY, JULY 13:   9am - 7pm (all day workshop, lunch included)

+ THE TOP 10% (Marketing & Systems)

The #1 problem photographers face is how do I get the RIGHT clients in my door—clients who will value what I do and spend big for the experience. 9 out of 10 photographers are doing marketing all wrong, putting energy into tactics that don’t connect. We cut through the noise and give them the playbook to entice their perfect match and keep their calendars full.

In this program you will…

  • Learn how to create a comprehensive calendar you can finally stick to
  • Understand the best use of your marketing time and dollars
  • Receive all of Megan’s marketing templates (WOW!)
  • Learn the marketing do’s and dont’s of thriving boutique studios
  • Understand how, like Megan, you too can hit $100,000 gross your 1st year!
  • Learn how to put what and who matters back on top of your priority list


SUNDAY, JULY 14:   9am - 6pm (all day workshop, lunch included)


There’s nothing worse than looking at your calendar and wondering where your next client will come from. We show boutique portrait photographers how to exploit today’s hot marketing term--headshots-- without sacrificing artistry or client connection. With Megan’s pricing and sales system at their fingertips, photographers learn how to get more bookings than ever before while maintaining sky high sales averages.

In this program you will…

  •      Discover how headshots are the perfect gateway drug
  •      Convert more leads than ever with headshot mini marathons
  •      Learn how to hire and coach the best makeup artist for your team
  •      Create a headshot sales strategy to keep you booked year round

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MONDAY, JULY 15:   9am - 6pm (all day workshop, lunch included)


Photographers get stage fright when shooting individuals because all eyes are on them to direct the perfect pose and coax the perfect expression. It’s an intimidating task to shape a nervous and insecure client into the self-assured vision they secretly hope to see. Starting with an unforgettably simple “Toes to Nose” posing strategy and graduating to body analysis and flow-posing techniques, Megan gives photographers the confidence they need to OWN their future sessions, resulting in sky high sales and enthusiastic referrals.

In this program you will…

  • Discover Megan’s simple “Toes to Nose” posing technique
  • Create flattering, contemporary poses perfect for women, men, and groups
  • Learn the “Greatest Hits” poses your clients won’t be able to resist buying!
  • Take home your “Poses that Sell” reference book to finally master your craft!



Many photographers feel insecure and unprepared in the sales room. They beg us to see a master sales session in action. We pull back the curtain and let our students watch and learn. Seeing a sale unfold in person makes the words and systems click, giving the students new confidence and proven techniques to win the next sale.

In this program you will…

  •      Witness a real live headshot mini marathon shoot and sales session
  •      Watch Megan artfully handle objections and client concerns
  •      See the techniques you learned from the workshop in action
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·      7pm - 9pm: Wrap Party celebration dinner!

(City Tap House, Nashville)

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+ Workshop Bonuses

All registered students will receive the following materials:

  • Rise & Thrive desktop calendar app (for Windows and MacOS)
  • Personal Branding magazine template
  • Product Guide magazine template
  • Poses that Sell study guide pdf
  • Megan’s marketing templates (gift cards, Facebook promos, auction materials, emails and more!)
  • Online access to all video recorded content
  • DINNER ON US! Enjoy a closing party celebration with your new friends!

+ Plus $800 in vendor gift cards!

  • $350 gift card good toward Queensberry album purchase
  • $250 gift card good toward Larson lighting systems
  • $200 gift card good toward Jonathan Penney wall portrait purchase
  • PLUS be entered to WIN a headshot mini with Megan during our live demo (valued at $390)
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